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A week of REboot Camp with Derval Dunford

Free for those genuinely cocooning

Mon 11th, Wed 13th, Fri 15th, Sun 17th May 8am – 8.30am

Connect with other cocooners & learn to:

· Let go of worry and relax

· Boost your resilience

· Nourish mental, emotional and physical health

· Bring mindfulness to daily life in practical & simple ways

Having supported 30,500 people since 2006, Mindfulness pioneer Derval Dunford is supporting HSE frontline workers during COVID_19 and now reaching out to the Cocoon Community. Derval has a light-hearted common sense approach, has presented at several conferences including the inaugural Cabo Breath Fest Feb in Mexico Feb 2020. Personal experience of isolation and cocooning through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe allergies means that Derval is no stranger to the impact isolation can have on body, mind and spirit.


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